Foundation Underpinning

foundation-underpinning-largeWhen a foundation begins to fail foundation underpinning can resolve this issue by strengthening the house foundation. A sinking foundation can be caused by a number of different underlying problems, which can be permanently corrected using a foundation underpinning system.

Foundation underpinning may be necessary when the original foundation is not stable. Poor soil quality used by the developer when you home was constructed. You’re interested in changing the use of the structure. An example of this might be the addition of a second floor to a home, which will require deeper foundation support. Natural disasters can also affect a homes structural integrity. A earthquake, which caused the structure to move, is one example and results in the necessity for stabilization of foundations footings. For whatever reason you need foundation underpinning services, Foundation Medix is ready to assist you.

Our Solution

The instillation of foundation underpinning stabilizes the foundation and prevents further vertical settlement. (galvanized pipes) are installed beneath the base of the foundation wall (footing) and driven into bedrock or load-bearing strata. This is a proven time efficient method, which is more effective and economical as opposed to rebuilding the entire foundation on unstable soil. This method is also much less invasive.

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Interested in learning more about foundation underpinning, Foundation Medix and the foundation repair services we provide in Virginia, Washington, DC and the surrounding area. Our office number is 877-419-8471 call or Contact Us for all your foundation and basement structural issues.


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