Primary Sump Pump

Nothing about a sump pump system is pretty, but not having a primary sum pump system in your basement or crawlspace can result in costly repairs and the whole situation can be downright ugly. For basements and crawl spaces that have issues with water accumulation a primary sump pump can pride peace of mind and is a wonderful tool that we utilize in our arsenal when performing foundation repairservices and foundation issues on a regular basis.



There are two basic designs when it comes to primary sump pumps. The first is a submersible pump which sits in the bottom of a sump pit submerged in the water. The sump pump itself has a waterproof housing. The second type of primary sump pump is pedestal pump. In the case of a pedestal pump the pedestal positions the pump out of the pit and out of the water even when the pit is full. An specially designed pipe reaches down into the bottom of the pit to draw the water out. Sump pumps use float devices to determine water levels in the sump pit and if an automatic system will pump water out of the sump pit safely out of your basement or crawl space.

Having been in the basement waterproofing business for over 30 years, we have tested almost every sump pump sold in today’s market. Most sump pumps have an average life span of 5 to 10 years. After long periods of time, it may fail without warning. We can replace your existing sump pump or, if your house is not equipped with one, install a brand new system. Our newly installed systems are complete with a sealed basin and high water alarm to alert you if any potential problems arise. We can assist you with the selection as there are some options to consider such as, manual or automatic, battery backup sump pump and sump pump alarm systems.



Interested in learning more about our primary sump pump systems, Foundation Medix and the foundation repair services we provide, call our office at 877-419-8471 or Contact Us for all your foundation and basement structural issues. We are foundation repair experts!

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