Crawl Space Solutions

Expert crawl space solutions, rid your home’s crawl space from mold, moisture, humidity and improve your home’s health and energy efficiency. Foundation Medix has several methods of resolving crawl space issues. Until problems exist many homeowners give their crawl space very little thought.



A crawl space as the name implies. is limited in height and serves as the foundation for many homes. The crawl space foundation, rather than a slab foundation or full basement, is for easy access to plumbing and wiring when a repair may be needed. Often crawl spaces are bare dirt and no vapor barrier existing between the ground and the floor of your home. When water or moisture develop in a crawl space issues will arise.



Crawl Space water or moisture inside of a crawl space can cause many different structural problems. Moisture will eventually evaporate, rise, and spread throughout the rest of the house. This can cause wood rot, mold, and other poor structural conditions. Moisture is able to enter into a crawl space through open crawl space vents. Any exposed dirt residing in the crawl space easily absorbs the moisture entering through an open vent. Unfortunately, humid or rainy weather, can also add moisture to a crawlspace. Another cause of unwanted moisture can be accredited to poor drainage systems and plumbing leaks.



We are here to advise and educate you on all available crawl space solutions. Our crawl space experts will keep you informed throughout the entire process from beginning to end.


  • Install Concrete Floor – installing a concrete floor is one way to isolate your home from increased mold, radon and humidity levels associated with an exposed dirt / gravel crawl space.
  • Crawl Space Drainage – draining unwanted water from your crawl space with a sump pump.
  • Conditioned Crawl Space – by connecting a vent from your HVAC system to the crawl space, fresh air will constantly be entering your crawl space, which will create healthy air flow.
  • Crawl Space Dehumidification – remove moist, damp air from your crawl space with the installation of a dehumidifier specifically designed for this purpose.
  • EZ Breathe (Crawl Space) – install an EZ Breathe (Crawl Space) device to remove moist, damp air from your crawl space.
  • Crawl Space Insulation – treat crawl space walls by installing a specialized radiant reflective insulation which lowers energy costs and retards future mold growth.

Another more economical approach is to encapsulate your crawl space with a crawlspace liner. The walls are treated with our specialized radiant reflective insulation, which lowers energy costs and retards future mold growth. To cover the dirt / gravel floor, we install a 20 mil. reinforced polyethylene vapor barrier. It is extremely durable and puncture resistant as it is 300-600% thicker than a standard plastic vapor barrier a typical builder would install. All seams are sealed air tight with our specialized high strength tape.



Interested in learning more about crawl space solutions, Foundation Medix and the foundation repair services we provide, call our office at 877-419-8471 or Contact Us for all your foundation and basement structural issues. We are foundation repair experts!

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