Crawl Space Encapulation

Water and moisture are constant problems with crawl spaces. Even when water/moisture is removed from a crawl space, it is only a temporary solution and will last a short period of time. Eventually, the soil will become re-hydrated, and water will once again collect inside of your crawl space until the  issue has been resolved. Luckily, Foundation Medix has a permanent solution to stop water from damaging your crawl space.



With crawl space encapsulation the crawl space is covered with a 20 millimeter reinforced polyethylene vapor barrier, which completely prevents water vapor from flowing above the soil and/or from foundation walls, and directs water to a specific location for collection and draining. Lastly, at the drainage point, we install a sump pump to remove any excess water to a location outside of the crawl space where it is expelled through a drain pipe at a minimum of five feet from the foundation walls.

The crawl space encapsulation water vapor barrier solution is not only affordable, but it is also extremely durable and puncture resistant. The vapor barrier is 300-600% thicker than a standard plastic vapor barrier a typical builder might install.  Additionally, to ensure that all seams are sealed air tight we utilized specialized high strength tape specifically designed for this application.



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