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Basement moisture and water are a serious problem for nearly half of homes in Northern Virginia — you are not alone. Understanding why this happens and how to resolve water issues is where Foundation Medix can help. As a leading basement waterproofing contractor, we can properly diagnose and provide you with basement waterproofing options based on the source of the underlying problem.


Moisture Condensation happens when warm, moist air meets your home’s cool foundation walls, resulting in noticeable wet spots on basement floors and walls. Other telltale signs are a damp musky smell, mold, and algae growth. Additionally, allowing moisture condensation to go unaddressed can lead to structural problems and an unhealthy home.

Groundwater will swell once the ground has absorbed as much water as it can. Soil around your foundation cannot absorb the extra water. As a result, water runoff can come in contact with your foundation, causing more problems in your basement.

Water run off – Mother Nature takes her toll – when we have weather events such as snow and rain, a percentage of water seeps into the ground replenishing water tables. Any of this water that is not absorbed is called runoff. Runoff that is not diverted away from your home properly causes hydrostatic pressure to build up on your home’s foundation walls and floor. This forces the water through cracks and gaps. You may notice water seeping up from the joints between the wall and the floor. As a result of groundwater swelling, a basement and/or crawl space can be wet for an extended period of time.


Solutions to a wet/moist basement or crawl space are abundant and knowing what solution will resolve which problem is why it is important to hire a knowledgeable basement waterproofing company, Foundation Medix.


Foundation Medix provides unique solutions for any water damage that may cause your basement or foundation to suffer.

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