Concrete Floor Installation Northern Virginia

A crawl space with exposed gravel or dirt subjects a house to different forms of rot. The most common issues seen today are mold, mildew, radon, and raised humidity levels, which all contribute to an unhealthy home.

Installing concrete over the exposed dirt or gravel in your crawlspace instantly creates a healthier environment for you and your family by sealing off the main source of rot. It also can be used as a great place for storage!

Foundation Medix recommends replacing your cracked basement floor with a new floor that is better suited for future basement finishing. We also recommend installing a new Drain Tile System. This added feature will prevent future basement seepage. These installations provide considerable savings when performed together instead of at separate times.


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Foundation Cracks

If your house is the victim of a cracked foundation, Foundation Medix can quickly and accurately diagnose the underlying problem.

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Egress Windows

An egress window is required in specific locations in a dwelling and is intended to provide an emergency means of exiting a dwelling.

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Basement Waterproofing

Having your basement waterproofed by Foundation Medix will help to ensure the continued maintenance of your home's structural integrity.

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Moisture inside of a crawl space is the source of many problems. Foundation Medix can dry out your moist air by installing a SaniDry dehumidifier.

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