Exterior Basement Waterproofing Northern VA

Sometimes it is difficult to waterproof a basement from the inside due to situations such as seepage over the top of the foundation or a finished basement.  Exterior waterproofing involves excavating soil around the damaged area in order to apply a waterproofing membrane to the wall.  The process requires that we excavate all the way down to the house footer.  This allows us to inspect the wall for cracks, then clean and repair them before installing the waterproofing membrane.  Excavation also allows us to remove excess clay soil from the area which absorbs water and expands, preventing the water from draining. This process may also involve adding a perforated drain pipe surrounded with rocks at the base (footer) of the excavated trench to divert excess water. After the membrane is installed and permitted to dry, we back fill the area and the foundation is now protected against seepage.

Obstructions such as house additions, garages, and decks must also be taken into consideration when performing exterior waterproofing. We can remove concrete, asphalt and pavers. In most instances, digging is done by hand to prevent the destruction of landscaping. We do our very best to leave your home better then we found it.

Interested in learning more about exterior waterproofing, Foundation Medix, or the services we provide in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and the surrounding area? Our office number is 877-327-3819. Call or contact us for all your foundation and basement structural issues. We are foundation specialists.

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