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Crawl Space Insulation

Since crawl spaces are directly exposed to the ground, it will settle to a similar temperature as the soil. Depending on the season, you’re either heating or cooling your home, so if you have this space beneath your home that is not being adequately heated or cooled, you could be wasting money on your energy bills. Most crawl space air is what is cycled through your home, especially if your HVAC systems are located beneath the home. This means the air needs to be high quality and the correct temperature. Lucky for you, Foundation Medix has the solution.

How Does Crawl Space Insulation Work?

Crawl Space Insulation

Foundation Medix solves this problem by installing crawl space insulation. The walls are treated with our specialized radiant reflective insulation which lowers energy costs and retards future mold growth. We also offer crawl space encapsulation services, if you have water or moisture trouble in your crawl space. Many homeowners find it useful to use the two in combination with each other so that your home is dry and secure for years to come.

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