Crawl Space Drainage Northern VA

Damp Crawl SpaceCrawl spaces can collect large amounts of water and the source can come from numerous causes. Heavy rains can saturate the soil to the point that the soil cannot absorb all of the water. When this happens the run-off effect takes place. If the excess water is not diverted away from your home’s foundation with proper slope, the soil around the foundation will become victim to hydrostatic pressure, which can force the water through cracks and gaps in foundation walls. You may also notice water seeping up from the joints between the wall and the floor.

Wet Crawl Space Sources

There are many reasons why your crawl space is wet or has standing water. Some common sources include:

  • Missing or defective downspout system
  • Defective window wells
  • Cracks in walls or foundations
  • Broken water lines
  • Sewer backup

Regardless of the source, water can reach excessive levels inside the crawl space and the source needs to be determined and repaired. Crawl space issues left unresolved can cause a variety of structural problems, as well as invite unwanted pests. Foundation Medix offers specialized solutions for all your crawl space drainage needs.

Crawl Space Drainage Solutions

Installing a sump pump is a great solution, because it has the ability to drain all of the unwanted water out of a crawl space on a routine basis. Foundation Medix offers primary and battery backup sump pumps. Primary sump pumps work off of electricity provided by the home, while a battery backup sump pump is supported by a battery system that will continue to remove excess water even in a power outage situation.  Along with our sump pump solutions we install a drainage pipe that allows the pump to move the water to a safe distance from your homes foundation walls.

Professional Crawl Space Repair Services

Interested in learning more about our crawl space crawl drainage services, Foundation Medix and the foundation repair services we provide, call our office at 877-327-3819 or Contact Us for all your foundation and basement structural issues. We are foundation repair experts!

Foundation Cracks

If your house is the victim of a cracked foundation, Foundation Medix can quickly and accurately diagnose the underlying problem.

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Egress Windows

An egress window is required in specific locations in a dwelling and is intended to provide an emergency means of exiting a dwelling.

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Basement Waterproofing

Having your basement waterproofed by Foundation Medix will help to ensure the continued maintenance of your home's structural integrity.

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Moisture inside of a crawl space is the source of many problems. Foundation Medix can dry out your moist air by installing a SaniDry dehumidifier.

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