Humidity Control

Humidity control in your home is probably not something you have given a great deal of thought. Did you know that normal everyday activities such as taking a shower, preparing meals, drying  your clothes and washing dishes all add moisture to the air in your home? While these are all necessary activities of daily life, learning to reduce the moisture these activities have created by proactive means will ensure a healthier home.

Controlling Moisture

Controlling the humidity and the moisture accumulation is imperative in preventing household mold, reducing allergens, and odors. Simple everyday examples of controlling moisture include wiping  moisture accumulation from walls, use bathroom vent fans, cover pots when cooking and opening curtains in the winter to allow warm air to reach cool windows can all help. However, eventually the moisture in your home will gravitate downward into your basement or crawlspace, where it is trapped without anywhere to go. Newer homes are especially susceptible because of their superior insulation. Understand that everyday living activities that we’ve outlined here are not the only source of moisture in a home. Damp unfinished basements, foundation drainage issues and below grade foundation walls are other leading causes. So what are your humidity control options?

Humidity Control Solution

control humidity

Improve air quality in your home.

When your humidity control efforts have proven futile possibly from the installation of a conventional dehumidifier, which does not exchange air, nor does it ventilate your basement or crawl space leaving behind contaminates consider the installation of a ventilation system. Foundation Medix’s team of Professional Engineers will evaluate the humidity levels in your home and make recommendations based on our findings. Often the installation of a basement ventilation system for homes with basements or a crawl space ventilation system for homes with crawl spaces is the solution of choice. By removing damp contaminated air you are effectively make your home a healthier place for you and your family.

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