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Common Foundation Problems

Foundations can fall prey to a lot of different problems, whether it’s by nature or man-made issues. It’s important to identify these problems before they become larger, dangerous, and costly. We believe that you should have knowledge of these issues before you call a professional so that you know a little bit about what is an immediate emergency and what can wait. Continue reading below to learn more about common foundation problems and how we can help your home.

Diagnose Foundation Issues Early

Identifying the signs of foundation issues early is essential. After all, we are talking about the structural integrity of your home. We’ve seen situations that were so dire that the safety of the residents were at risk. Small hairline cracks are common and generally nothing to get to overly worried about. All foundations have a few small cracks and those are generally caused by concrete shrinkage. However, it’s important to be sure what you’re looking at is not severe.

Knowing the difference between what is a major foundation issue and that which is minor is why it is necessary to hire a professional who can properly diagnose and recommend the best possible foundation repair. We are foundation repair experts! Here at Foundation Medix, we do our very best to cater to all budgets and perform repairs based on your home’s most urgent needs. We employ several different techniques and products to repair each house. We combine our construction expertise with product experts from all over the country. These experts have patented their products and provide you with a lifetime warranty. Because we are not a franchise or a slave to a network, we are selling you a product that is best suited for your home.

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Common Problems

Wall, Ceiling, & Floor Cracks

Foundation wall with cracks

Sloping Floors

Newly poured concrete floor

Stuck Doors & Windows

Sticking doors

Basement Leaks

Water pooling on a floor

Foundation Cracks

Foundation wall cracks

Bowing Walls

Wall Anchor

Sagging Floors

sagging floor

Wet Crawl Spaces

Flooded crawl space