Conditioned Crawl Space

In our experience there are occasions in which that a vapor barrier (crawl space encapsulation)conditioned crawl space occasionally isn’t sufficient in combating moist air that develops in crawl spaces. A conditioned crawl space option is available as another value added service provided by Foundation Medix in conjunction with other foundation repair services.

There are conditions in which the crawl space vents that were the norm in code enforcement years ago hurt rather than assist in keeping your crawl space dry. Recent studies suggest that venting your crawl space year round is no longer beneficial for homes in certain geographical areas and can in fact have a negative result on crawl space humidity levels and your home’s energy efficiency. Neglecting a crawl space that has humidity issues will only lead to mold growth and wood rot, which in turns invites wood boring insects. Problems create problems, and when you are addressing the health and safety of your home turning a blind eye isn’t an option.

Newly constructed homes are often built with the option for vented or unvented crawl spaces. However, homeowners with existing vented crawl spaces are often advised to close off those vents. Think of it along the lines of leaving a window open year round, exposing you to heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Leaving these vents open allows for cold floors to walk on in the winter and heat rising from the crawl space in the living space in the summer. There is always the exception and it is important to work with a reputable foundation repair expert such as Foundation Medix. We keep up to date on local codes which often prohibit blocking off crawl space vents. We will determine the best possible recourse for your home.

Understanding the Process

A conditioned crawl space, as the name implies, requires that the temperature within the crawl space be maintained just like the other rooms of your home. Existing crawl space vents are often blocked off with Styrofoam blocks. The actual product used will be determined by the type of vents that exist.

We can condition the crawl space air by connecting a vent from your HVAC system to the crawl space. This way, fresh air will constantly be entering your crawl space, which will create healthy air flow. If your homes duct work is located in the crawl space of the home a tap can easily be made in the existing duct. Other methods are used if your homes duct work isn’t located in the crawl space.

It may also be necessary to use a dehumidifier as part of the conditioned crawl space process to remove any existing humid air from the crawl space.

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