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Basement Leak Repair

Even if thunderstorms don’t happen all the time, they can be a serious indicator of problems within your home. Have you noticed after it rains that you’re left with a musty, wet basement? That shouldn’t be the norm. The professionals at Foundation Medix can help you with all your waterproofing needs and basement leak repair in Northern Virginia from start to finish. Continue reading below to see what causes water problems in your home and how we can fix them.

What Causes Basement Leaks?

Obviously a leak implies a hole, and that can be common in many basements. As your home ages, your foundation shifts and can create some minor to major problems within your home. This includes cracks in the floors, walls, and ceiling of your home. These cracks not only will easily allow water to enter your home but can also let in pests you don’t want inside. If you’ve noticed any water inside your home, your next step should be to look for obvious cracks and other structural problems. water Leak in basement

Do I Need To Fix This?

There is never a good time to have moisture or standing water in your basement. Water allows for serious mold growth which can create problems for your health. If you start to get more pests inside due to the cracks in your walls, you are also putting your health at risk by allowing an infestation. The longer there is moisture in the basement, the more likely it is to start to deteriorate not only your wooden support beams but any other electrical panels or equipment you may keep in your basement. Allowing basement leaks to go untreated not only leads to health problems but large repair bills as well. You can avoid this by choosing Foundation Medix as your premier basement leak repair specialist in Northern Virginia.

How Do I Repair My Basement Leaks?

When it comes to basement water problems, you’ll want to get a professional’s help. At Foundation Medix, we have several proven solutions for all your basement leak repair needs, including:

We’ve seen everything, so we’ll know exactly how to treat your home as soon as we’ve completed a thorough inspection.

Trust Foundation Medix

We have years of experience in Northern Virginia providing all residents with high-quality basement waterproofing and foundation repair services. If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found it here at Foundation Medix. Have you grown tired of bailing water out of your basement? Give us a call today and receive your free quote on repairs! Our crews are available in Arlington, Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, and all across Northern Virginia. See our service area page to get the full details on the areas we cover.

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