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No one wants to hear that they have a foundation problem. Foundations will settle over time and with gradual settlement you are less likely to see foundation issues. But, when you notice cracks in your foundation, there is generally an underlying issue that needs to be evaluated by an experienced foundation repair company. Your home’s foundation is the structure that supports your home and is in direct contact with the ground. The foundation’s job is to transfer the load of your home evenly over the ground. When you have uneven movement of the foundation (soil shrinking and swelling) and the load is dispersed disproportionately, this movement causes cracks and other foundation damage. Foundation problems come in many forms. Whether you have cracks, gaps, bowed walls, or uneven floors, we will diagnose the problem and provide the best foundation repair solution.

Water damage can be caused by even small cracks


Water absorption in the soil is often the main cause of foundation damage. There are different types of soil quality and soils which are susceptible to moisture absorption, such as clay, and moisture loss which create problems for homes that are constructed on these types of soil. As the soil absorbs water, the foundation will push upward. As the soil loses moisture, the soil will shrink and pull away from the foundation. Water in your home's soil can come from many sources, an unseen broken water pipe, drainage issues around the home, or roof runoff not being properly diverted by your home's gutter and downspout system.


Foundation movement and the resulting cracked foundation or other damage is of special concern for homes with a shallow foundation that are also susceptible to seasonal movement from rain, drought, ground freezing, and thawing. Don’t ignore cracks in a concrete slab. Doing so could jeopardize the structural integrity of your home. These cracks need to be evaluated by a foundation repair professional who can determine the source. That includes a large number of hairline cracks in house foundation walls that are larger than 1/4 inch wide.

Also of concern are trees or large scrubs that are planted too close to the foundation of a house. The root systems often find their way under shallow foundations and cause large slab foundation cracks. Removal of these beloved trees and shrubs may be necessary if it is deemed to be the underlying cause of foundation problems.


Regardless of the cause of your foundation issues, Foundation Medix utilizes a wide array of foundation repair methods for your house foundation repair needs with offices in Fredericksburg, Alexandria, and Richmond, VA. We employ the industry’s best practices and have developed several proprietary foundation repair techniques which were developed from 30+ years of experience, know-how, and innovation. Our services also include crawl space repair solutions and basement waterproofing. We understand that houses constructed in this area (Fredericksburg, Alexandria, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC) are unique and require custom foundation repair solutions to achieve permanent results that will last the lifetime of the whole structure. Contact Us to schedule a free foundation repair estimate. Call the office at 877-441-8847 to speak with one of our foundation repair specialists. We’ll repair it right the first time.