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Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation wall cracks can be caused by a number of things, including heavy storms and oversaturated soils. As your home ages, foundation cracks can become even more common. It’s important to be vigilant of any changes occurring near your home to prevent further, more expensive damage. If you suspect you need foundation crack repair in Northern Virginia, contact the experts at Foundation Medix today!

How Do We Repair Foundation Wall Cracks?

Foundation Crack Repair

Our repair methods first take into consideration the underlying cause of the foundation crack. After determining the cause of the crack, we begin the repair process. Wall cracks in a foundation can be repaired from either the interior or exterior of your home. For example, if the basement is unfinished and the crack is exposed on the inside, it is typically best to perform foundation crack repair through our Epoxy / Urethane Injection method, which involves a two-step process. First, we seal the inside portion of the crack with an epoxy paste. We then proceed by injecting a urethane resin that fills the entire crack all the way to the outside soil.

Alternatively, if a foundation crack is obstructed by paneling or drywall, we can address this problem from the exterior of the home by utilizing our Wall-Clay method. This involves coring a small hole into the earth at the crack’s location. Next, the hole is filled with a granular clay in order to form an impermeable water barrier.

Both of the above processes are minimally invasive and are proven to be equally effective. Each foundation crack repair comes with a transferable lifetime warranty.

Do I Need To Get This Fixed?

Most foundation wall cracks do not pose any structural concerns. However, certain crack patterns and cracks that are wider than 1/8” can be a sign of significant structural damage that should be further evaluated. Call today to have a foundation repair expect check out your foundation crack repair!

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Foundation Medix is a foundation repair specialist and employs professional engineers to evaluate your home’s foundation issues. Whether you’re in need of foundation wall repair or have another home issue that needs to be addressed, we can help. Give us a call today to get started on your home and receive a free quote!

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