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Foundation Medix offers a wide array of foundation solutions for your foundation repair needs. We employ the industries best practices and have developed several proprietary techniques, which we developed from years of experience, know-how, and innovation.


Soil contraction can cause various foundation cracks in a house. In order to stop these cracks, we install multiple helical piers. The foundation of the house rests on these piers instead of relying on the top soil. The helical piers transfer the structural load to a deeper more stable soil.


A house is less prone to various forms of foundation failure through the support of resistance piers. These supports are placed under a structure, which relieves some of its weight onto the piers.


This material is useful for many different applications because of its light weight and high strength properties. When involved in construction, it is combined with various load-bearing materials such as cast iron, steel, masonry, and concrete to increase their strength. This process enables us to repair old or damaged structures by reinforcing the design with carbon fiber.


I-beams are the skeleton of any structure. They support the majority of the foundation’s load.


Tie-backs are steel beams used to provide extra support to a wall that is subject to large loads.


In some cases, a wall or slab may be damaged enough that it is beyond repair. For these situations, we perform wall and slab replacement; making sure that the new fixture is stronger and will last a lifetime.


Our company can lift and support sunken walls by installing screw jacks. This device raises a wall as the screw is turned. A major advantage of using screw jacks is their self-locking technology. The shear weight of the wall presses against the screw threads, which locks it into place; making them extremely reliable.


If cracks are already present in a wall, they can be repaired through epoxy or urethane injection. If the crack is structurally affecting the wall, it is injected with epoxy, because of its strong characteristics. Otherwise, the crack is injected with urethane, which is a slightly less strong, but durable, sealant. The crack may also be further reinforced through carbon fiber stitching.


Walls may begin to cave in due to excessive bearing loads. We can excavate the soil outside of the failing wall and place the appropriate supports as a way of restoring or improving the wall’s original strength.


A crack may still be prone to unwanted movement after being injected with epoxy or urethane fillers. This movement can be prevented by reinforcing the sealed crack with carbon fiber stitches. This technique is usually done right after the crack injection.


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