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Need to Fix Your Sagging or Flexing Floors?

If you own a crawl space, you may or may not be aware of the problems your home may face because of it. Crawl spaces are similar to basements but have some unique problems because they are more open to the elements. At Foundation Medix, we want to help you avoid these issues. Have you noticed sagging or flexing floors in your home? The culprit could be your crawl space. Continue reading below to learn more about fixing your craw space.

What Causes Sagging/Flexing Floors?

Under your crawl space, there are several support beams for your foundation as well as around the exterior of your home. Because your crawl space has dirt floor, it is more affected by the change in moisture content and heat/cold. As the soil expands and contracts, your home moves with it. Over time, the piers located underneath your home can shift and settle, creating areas where your floor joists are no longer supported evenly. This is where you see sagging or flexing portions of the floor.

Do I Need to Fix My Floors?

Sagging and flexing floors are a common sign of serious foundation problems. It is likely that your home is not structurally sound if you are noticing these differences in your floors. It is safer and more cost-effective to get the situation repaired as quickly as possible. Avoiding the damage will not solve the underlying problem and you could be putting yourself at risk.

How Can My Floors Be Fixed?

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